I let go by the ocean. I caught the emotions that welled up inside of me, gazed at them lovingly and threw them into the ocean. I watched as the waves crashed into them and carried them away. I breathed in the salty sea air and the scent of possibility.  New opportunities. I tasted my […]

Soar Like An Eagle

Two nights ago I ceremoniously said ‘good-bye’.  I said goodbye to a person I thought I knew.  I said goodbye to a relationship I thought I had.  I also said goodbye to a part of myself to make room for the person I am becoming. In many ways I’ve been saying ‘good bye’ for some […]

Little Red Boots

Last Friday I got together with a group of friends for drinks and left the restaurant happy, refreshed, inspired and empowered.  This is what being open and vulnerable does, it makes your heart sing. We opened up, shared and inspired each other with stories about solo hiking and camping trips, yoga retreat journeys, motherhood, travel and personal […]

Take Yourself On a Date

A few months ago, I bought tickets to see one of my favourite musicians, Sarah Harmer.  I bought two tickets because I wanted to have the option of asking someone to join me but as the concert date neared I think the universe had a different plan. Last weekend, I took myself on a date. […]

Mental Health Week

After taking a few months away from this blog to nurture my own mental health, I thought it fitting to come back during Mental Health Awareness week. The week of May 4-10 is the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) 64th Annual Mental Health Week! The campaign encourages people to talk more openly and honestly about their […]

DIY Happy Space

Over the last couple of weeks I finally decided to devote the time to a project that has been on my mind for, well, a few years.  I needed to create a workspace to work on my Project Life albums, various craft projects and now a place to write my Presently Being blog entries.  To […]

My Little Word – 2015

In 2011 I started choosing a word each January to focus, reflect upon, and put into action everyday throughout the year, a tradition inspired by Ali Edwards – One Little Word.  My words have included ‘today’, ‘patience’, ‘live’, and ‘energy’.  Each word has become a part of me as I go about my daily life throughout the chosen […]

Love Actually

The movie “Love Actually” is one of my favourite Christmas time movies to watch.  It is a movie that follows the lives of eight different couples in dealing with their love lives in loosely interrelated tales all set during a month before Christmas in London, England. It is funny and heartwarming but it is the […]

Scary Age Birthday (Not So Bad Afterall)

I think everyone, at least once in their life, has a scary age birthday.  A birthday that you don’t really look forward to celebrating or drawing attention to it; a day you just hope will slide away quickly and you can try to forget all about it.  My scary age birthday was yesterday. My scary age – […]